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Pablo E. Díaz


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My research focus from my MPhil and currently on my PhD have been the implications of corallivory for the trematodes of fishes of the Tropical Indo-West Pacific (TIWP). During tahese studies I have been considering parasites belonging to the trematode family Faustulidae. Parasites from this family, belonging to the genus Paradiscogaster, comprises of rich complexes of species in the TIWP, and some groups of species of this genus are only distributed in corallivorous fishes, indicating that this special diet is a key in the study of these parasites.

In coral reef fishes, most of the dietary habits associated with parasites infections are well studied, however, the implications of corallivory on the parasite fauna are only just starting to be studied in one group of fishes, the chaetodontids. For most of the other corallivorous fishes it remains completely unknown what parasites are transmitted though a diet of coral.

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