The Marine Parasitology Research Laboratory has seen many postgraduate students. Many of these students have continued onto successful careers in academia and industry.


Ph.D. Graduates

Storm Martin

Dr Storm Martin

Ph.D. 2015-2019, Honours 2013

Storm completed an Honours and PhD investigating the taxonomy and systematics of the largest family of trematodes, the Opecoelidae. His examination of the group was both broad and deep. He thorughly reviewed and revised several important opecoelid genera, published descriptions for 20 new opecoelid species and 9 new genera, critically redescribed a further 13 further known species and proposed some 80 new taxonmic synonymies and combinations. Through extensive sequencing effort and on the basis of integrated evidence, Storm argued that the family might best be subdivided into as many as 15 subfamilies, a dramatic development on the four recognised prior to commencing his studies.

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Dan Huston

Dr Dan Huston

Ph.D. 2015-2019


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Russell Yong

Dr Russell' Yong

Ph.D. 2014-2018, Honours 2009


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Pablo Diaz

Dr Pablo Diaz

Ph.D. 2018, MPhil


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Derek Sun

Dr Derek Sun

Ph.D. 2010-2014, Honours 2009

Derek completed an Honours and PhD jointly between the Marine Parasitology Laboratory and the Coral Reef Ecology Laboratory, also at the University of Queensland. His research investigated the significance of parasite burden to newly recruited juvenile fishes on coral reefs and the role of cleaner wrasse Labroides dimidiatus in attracting and facilitating successful recruitment at local scales.



Honours Graduates